Trainings and Workshops
Working to Improve Student Achievment

Trainings and Workshops

CMSi has a range of trainings and workshops to assist districts in everything from maximizing teacher capacity, to designing and developing curriculum, writing policies, and streamlining curriculum management processes.  Audit Training provides an intensive look at the tools necessary to evaluate your system with a view to improving processes and focusing initiatives for improved student performance.  District and School Solutions trainings are designed for system- or school-wide application of methodologies, such as designing specific, rigorous, unit-based curriculum, linking budgets to curricular priorities,  and deeply aligning curriculum aspects to promote improved achievement .  These trainings assist school in creating the foundation for improved achievement.  The Cutting-Edge Classroom series is designed for teachers to provide and understanding of best practices as well as practical, hands-on creation of classroom activities to increase cognitive rigor, promote cultural sensitivity, and offer strategies for working with special populations such as ELL.  We look forward to serving your district’s needs.

Audit Training

District and School Solutions

Cutting-Edge Classrooms