We Are CMSi…

We Are CMSi…

Curriculum Management Solutions, inc. – CMSi — has been auditing and evaluating the design and delivery of curriculum with all its incumbent processes and operations for more than 40 years.  Since the first CMSi Curriculum Audit conducted by Dr. Fenwick English in Columbus Public Schools in 1979, CMSi has assisted over 500 school systems in 46 states as well as the District of Columbia, and in several other countries, including Canada, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Bermuda.  As in the beginning, the primary goal for CMSi is to provide districts with reports, data, recommendations, and training that, when implemented, will improve student achievement and the overall quality of student learning.

CMSi is still governed by four of its six original founding board members, and these four members have over 180 years of shared experience in public education.  Collectively, they have served at every level of public school systems, as have CMSi-trained and licensed curriculum auditors and trainers. Our cadre is comprised of teachers, building administrators, principals, curriculum directors, district administrators, and superintendents, both current and retired.  Every CMSi-licensed auditor is now or has been a public educator in K-12 education, and some now serve in higher education.  It is this wealth of experience with day-to-day school and district operations that maintains the level of quality and relevance in CMSi Curriculum Audits, reviews, training programs, and workshops.

Every CMSi auditor and trainer is licensed and trained by the Curriculum Management Audit Center™ through an intensive, multi-week program that requires licensure renewal and audit participation every two years.  Our auditors and trainers have the skills needed to address issues of curriculum quality, assessment data analysis and interpretation, equity issues, and system finance and governance.  Our trainers are experts in system productivity, curriculum development and implementation, and best classroom practices to serve diverse student populations and increase learning. No other company has focused on curriculum alignment and excellence with the same commitment to quality, student equity, and improved student achievement as CMSi.

As part of our commitment to improving education for children everywhere, CMSi provides services and training to districts and individual schools to facilitate improved system productivity, improved student achievement, and improved teacher practices.  Our programs include:

and many others.

We welcome the opportunity to help you reach your improvement goals.

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