The CMSi Equity Audit
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The CMSi Equity Audit

Nothing is so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals.” (Plato)

The CMSi Equity Audit offers a comprehensive evaluation of a school district’s processes, plans, and procedures for monitoring and assuring equity and equality in its treatment of and services to students.  The equity audit is an unbiased, objective review that provides not only feedback regarding the status of equity and equal access in school districts, but also a plan with detailed actions and recommended steps to establish goals and processes to assure equity, monitor it, and thereby improve learning for all students.

The CMSi Equity Audit can provide feedback on the following aspect of district operations:

  • Analysis of policy and plans for comprehensive direction concerning equity and equal access
  • Disaggregation of data to determine subgroup performance (program enrollment, F/R lunch, ethnicity, gender) and change in achievement gaps over time (when data allow)
  • Review of assessment data to determine differences in performance across schools and student sub-groups, based on FRL data, student ethnicity, and program enrollment (Gifted/talented, Special Education, ELL)
  • Proportionality of program enrollments (Gifted/talented, Special Education, AP, etc.), to see if subgroups are over- or under-represented
  • Analysis of student work, by school site, to determine differences in the cognitive demand and alignment of selected assignments, based on student demographics of different schools
  • Analysis of curriculum documents, for evidence of support for culturally responsive teaching or other district-led initiatives aimed at leveling the playing field for students and assuring equal access to content and programming.
  • Ethnic composition of district personnel, including school leaders, teachers, and central office administration, to determine if the district is hiring to more closely reflect the ethnic composition of student body.
  • Analysis of resource allocation, to determine if additional resources, both material and human, are allocated to areas of greater need.

Districts that serve students most effectively balance equity with equality, depending on the demonstrated need of their students. CMSi can help your district determine where and how to deploy resources to improve results and where to best target policy, procedures, and professional development efforts to ensure system-wide focus on closing achievement gaps and improving learning for all students.

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