Come on a Little Journey with Me…

The Writing Journey, that is.  One of the critical practices that CMSi recommends in our Cognitively Complex Instruction workshop is to include writing in classroom activities, no matter what the content area is.  Writing builds cognitive skills, increases rigor, and enhances student engagement wherever it is employed.   You teach Art? Have them write about their creations […]

A Freakonomics View of Education

If you aren’t into podcasts, you might have missed the recent rebroadcast episode of Freakonomics Radio entitled “Is America’s Education Problem Really Just a Teacher Problem?” The discussion runs the gamut from the amazing success of the Finnish Educational System to the ways in which teachers aren’t valued enough in American culture.  There are a […]

Discipline Disparities

The Root of Discipline Disparities from Educational Leadership is an article I’ve been chewing on for a while.  One of the lenses CMSi uses to evaluate equity in school systems is the rate of suspension among racial and ethnic groups.  This practice is validated by Mr. Ford’s insightful analysis, and his explanation of Patricia Devine’s Bias-Reduction […]

Welcome to the New CMSi Website!

It was exciting for us to put this together (with the help of an awesome web development team) and watch it take shape over the months involved in getting it all programmed and ready for roll out.  Along with our new domain address, the new site features updated information on all our audit services and […]