A Freakonomics View of Education

A Freakonomics View of Education

If you aren’t into podcasts, you might have missed the recent rebroadcast episode of Freakonomics Radio entitled “Is America’s Education Problem Really Just a Teacher Problem?

The discussion runs the gamut from the amazing success of the Finnish Educational System to the ways in which teachers aren’t valued enough in American culture.  There are a number of interesting ideas profiled on the program, and it also offers a glimpse into the fascinating Relay Graduate School of Education, which employs some of the same principles that make us all swoony when we talk about Finland.

You can click on the title to access the podcast from your laptop or desktop, or you can download Stitcher or Podbean or a similar podcast app and search for Freakonomics Radio, click on “feed” and scroll down to episode 188. If you have an iPhone, you have a podcast app pre-loaded.

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