Culture and Equity

I listened to a podcast recently called 10 Ways Educators can Take Action in Pursuit of Equity, and it got me thinking about culture. Culture is often a major player in equity, and when we hear “culture” in the same breath with “equity” we tend to think of the various cultures students bring with them […]

The Invisible Cost of Desegregation

Brown v. Board of Education was a landmark case in the U.S. — the case that decreed segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.  Separate but equal was prejudicial.  The press covered the brave children who formed the vanguard of integration and their trials were real and difficult.  But one critical effect of integration is almost […]

CMSi-PDK Referenced in NY Times Article

The New York Times and ProPublica  published an article this week about the Charlottesville, Virginia School system, which remains deeply divided along racial lines to the detriment of its African American students.  It is a system that “segregates students from the time they start, and steers them into separate and unequal tracks.” The article outlines the […]

The Changing Instructional Core

This article was sent to me by one of our Lead Auditors and there is so  much in it that makes me smile, I hardly know where to start.  It’s about a district in Oregon which, when faced with the challenge of Common Core Math, didn’t give up or look for ways to reduce the […]

Take Note(s)

Note-taking is almost as old as education itself.  As soon as people discovered ways to record information that were less expensive than the laborious process of making paper or parchment (hello, wax tablets and chunks of slate and chalk!), note-taking became an integral part of the process of learning. This is the subject of a […]

The Burden of Learning

We’re going way back on this one, and while it may seem controversial, hang in there. It will make sense by the end. B.F. Skinner is sometimes called the father of operant conditioning. This is the practice of teaching animals to perform complex tasks by means of a reinforcement.  The practices that Skinner pioneered have […]


As auditors, one of our jobs is to analyze and evaluate student work artifacts: the actual assignments students are given to do in their classrooms. We look at these to see if they correspond the curricular objectives, and to evaluate the level of cognitive demand they require.  In other words, how much and how complexly […]

A Dream Denied: The Resurrection of Racial Segregation in Public Schools

Segregation is something that many people think occurred in the past.  They may have a hazy image of the Norman Rockwell painting of Ruby Bridges being escorted to school by U.S. Marshals.  Or they may never think of it at all, either because they are unaware of it outside of knowledge needed for a social […]

Writing Quality Curriculum Training at the Centennial BOCES in Greeley, Colorado, June 13-15, 2018

This is an awesome opportunity to attend this training which is being held in Greeley, Colorado just prior to the Big Sky 2018 conference in Estes Park. This training is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.    Click on the link below to access the downloadable registration and pricing information. NA Centennial BOCES Curriculum Writing  

Do Reading Programs Undermine Reading?

Well, yes. Some of them do. Most of us, as educators,  have an idealized image of how children should read.  We want fluency, comprehension, analytical ability, and of course we want them to read for pleasure — for the sheer enjoyment of falling into another world and feeling what the characters feel, seeing what they […]