A Dream Denied: The Resurrection of Racial Segregation in Public Schools

Segregation is something that many people think occurred in the past.  They may have a hazy image of the Norman Rockwell painting of Ruby Bridges being escorted to school by U.S. Marshals.  Or they may never think of it at all, either because they are unaware of it outside of knowledge needed for a social […]

Writing Quality Curriculum Training at the Centennial BOCES in Greeley, Colorado, June 13-15, 2018

This is an awesome opportunity to attend this training which is being held in Greeley, Colorado just prior to the Big Sky 2018 conference in Estes Park. This training is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.    Click on the link below to access the downloadable registration and pricing information. NA Centennial BOCES Curriculum Writing  

Do Reading Programs Undermine Reading?

Well, yes. Some of them do. Most of us, as educators,  have an idealized image of how children should read.  We want fluency, comprehension, analytical ability, and of course we want them to read for pleasure — for the sheer enjoyment of falling into another world and feeling what the characters feel, seeing what they […]

Big Sky 2018: Great Hikes Near Estes Park

Auditors:  We are getting closer and closer to Big Sky 2018!  We are really excited about our conference venue this year.  One of the great attractions of the area is the hiking.  Rock Mountain National Park has many wonderful trails that will literally take you all over the interior of the park through an amazing […]

Culturally Responsive Teaching: How the Brain Can Hijack Learning

  This one is going to be technical, so hang on. The brain, like a computer, has certain in-built structures — its hardware, if you will.  These structures sort and store  information through experiences and then apply it when necessary to ensure our survival. The structures developed in three layers, from the bottom up, and […]

Culturally Responsive Teaching: How Not to Miss the Point

Culturally Responsive Teaching has been a buzzword in education for several years now. As a result, many teachers make an effort to include cultural artifacts from diverse groups in their classrooms in the form of flags, colorful posters, costuming, foods, and music.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating the cultures of your diverse students, […]

Big Sky 2018: Six Great Things About Estes Park

Auditors:  We are getting closer to Big Sky of the Rockies, so we thought now would be a good time to start letting you know some great stuff about our conference location this year.  In no particular order, here are 6 great things about Estes Park. Vistas If you love mountain majesty, sweeping views, and […]

Vygotsky vs. Piaget: A Paradigm Shift

When I was doing my initial teacher training, Jean Piaget’s theories of learning were a major focus of my required Ed Psych class.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Piaget’s theories had already been in decline for some years.  He was in our textbook, however, and textbooks are expensive, so we all studied […]

School, Reimagined

Despite NCLB, ESSA, Common Core, block schedules, and whatever else has come down the pike, education in the U.S. has not changed dramatically in the last 150 years.   Peek into any school in the country and you are likely to see desks in rows, with a single teacher at the front of the room dispensing […]

Scheduled Creativity

“Inspiration is for amateurs.”  —  Chuck Close, painter Although this title may seem oxymoronic, there is fascinating research supporting the idea that deliberately setting aside time without distraction can induce an optimally creative state in the human brain.  This is the central premise in a new book by Cal Newport, entitled Deep Work. Unfortunately, we […]